About Ezstems

Ezstems is a website application that allows you to easily create audio stems from any audio file. The website converts audio files using Spleeter, which is a new artificial intelligence type of software. For most users, setting up and using Spleeter on a computer is too hard as it requires advanced computer skills and basic Command Line Interface experience. This is exactly why I developed ezstems, to allow anyone to use Spleeter.

About Spleeter

Spleeter was developed by deezer.io as a research project for Music Information Retrieval (MIR). Spleeter uses a state of the art algorithm to separate stems from songs. Spleeter is also self learning (artificial intelligence), meaning it can be improved through training. Out of the box, Deezer has pre trained Spleeter by processing hundreds of thousands of songs.

About Me

I am a software developer with experience in Mobile Application Development and Web Development. I have a passion to create things and enjoy helping others access cool new technologies. I have recently started a YouTube Channel, please consider subscribing.

How to use ezstems

Using ezstems is really easy. Below are step by step instructions and a YouTube video explaining how to user ezstems.

  1. Go to https://ezstems.com and click choose file.
  2. Select the song / audio file that you wish to process.
  3. Select the audio quality that you wish to download.
  4. Click the start button. Your song will now process for a short while. When complete, a .zip file will start downloading with your stems.

Please note:

  • There is a maximum file upload restriction for un-subscribed users.
  • Subscribed users can upload larger files.
  • Some web browsers may warn you about downloading the .zip folder. If your browser warns you please don't be concerned.
  • If your .zip does not automatically start downloading, you can download the .zip folder with the provided link in the popup.
  • Download links only last for 10 minuets, after that your stems will be removed from the server.
  • I don't condone the uploading of copyrighted material. If you upload such material you are doing this on your behalf and I will not be help responsible for ramifications.

Membership information / FAQ

  • Membership options can be seen on your dashboard if you are logged in or on the Subscribe page if you are logged out.
  • All payments for paid memberships are processed through Stripe.
  • When you pay with Stripe you must include the same email address that you use on Ezstems. If you don't, we cannot automatically update your membership. If this happens to you please contact ezstems@gmail.com so we can manually apply your membership.
  • Memberships are paid monthly. It is your responsibility to cancel a membership if you no longer need it. Please do so via Stripe or by contacting ezstems@gmail.com.
  • Refunds are only supplied by our discretion depending on the scenario. Please contact ezstems@gmail.com if you have any issues.