How to install Spleeter on Windows 10

The install guide on Spleeter's GitHub page does not go into much detail and doesn't work for most people. I have 7 years experience as a software developer and it took me a few hours and multiple attempts to get the new version of Spleeter running on Windows. I've done the hard part for you, just follow these steps and you will have Spleeter up and running in no time!

Follow each step exactly! One small mistake will result in failure.

Step 1 Install Python 3.6.1 to 3.8

Spleeter requires you to install a Python version between 3.6.1 and 3.8. I recommend installing Python 3.8.

Once downloaded, run the installer. Make sure to click add Python 3.8 to path then follow the prompts to finish the install process.

Step 2 Open Command Prompt

Open the start menu, search for Command Prompt and open it.

Step 3 Install Spleeter

Copy and paste the command below into Command Prompt and press enter

pip install spleeter

Let the install process finish, it can take a while.

Step 4 Confirm Install

Spleeter should now be installed! To test that is has been installed copy and paste the following command.

spleeter --help

This should display the help guide for Spleeter.

Now you have installed Spleeter on Windows. Congratulations!

Step 5 Preparing to process a song

Find a song that you want to process in Explorer.

In Command Prompt type the following command followed by a space but DON'T PRESS ENTER


Now drag the containing folder of the song into Command Prompt

In Command Prompt the command should now look something like this:

cd C:\Users\user\Music

Now press enter.

Step 6 Processing a song

Now that Command Prompt is pointing to the correct folder, we can run the Spleeter separate script.

Copy and paste the following command into Command Prompt but change 'my_song.mp3' to the song that you are using:

spleeter separate -p spleeter:2stems -o output my_song.mp3

Let the script run. It will take a few minuets the first time. If it succeeds there will be a new folder created named 'output' in the same folder where your original song was located.

You can change the 2stems section to 4stems or 5stems.