Lets Train Spleeter For New Genres!

One of the greatest parts of Spleeter is it's ability at evaluate, train and improve on how well it extracts stems. So far Spleeter is trained pretty well to extract your typical song with instruments however it doesnt perform well with other genres like electronic.

This is where I need you!

To train Spleeter we need lots of completed songs and their studio quality stems. Spleeter evaluates the song it's studio stems and then adjusts it's A.I algorithm. The more times this is done, the better. I'm taking thousands of songs!

What you can do.

If you create your own music or know someone who does we would love to get our hands on as many songs (and their studio stems) as possible. The song does not have to be great, it can go for 20 seconds or 10 hours. We just want to train Spleeter to know what Dubstep is :P

How you can do it.

Right now I am working on a upload submission system where you will be able to upload the files but for now please just shoot me an email if you are interested.


Thank you to the following producers

For their support on ezstems